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On December 14, 2020, the printing house "Veiters" in cooperation with the painter Ilsi Krukli, the design agency "Mellis Grupa", the paper suppliers SIA "Poligrāfijas apgāds" (POLAP), the printing equipment manufacturer "Heidelberg" and the masters of printing special effects from "Vieta Pēcapstrāde" in the social presented the 2021 calendar on the networks.


The calendar is a fantastic story about how, despite limited resources, it is possible to create a truly beautiful and exclusive result. People and companies involved in the creation of the calendar are united by sincerity and enthusiasm, and the desire for an excellent result, not a quick profit, has become the guiding motive of participation. The 2021 calendar has come out especially bright. The special post-treatment with various varnishes and gold foils makes the printed paintings even more unique works of art.


The 2021 calendar will already be the ninth in a row in this special non-commercial project, because it cannot be bought, but can only be obtained. It is impossible to measure the talents and resources of all the people involved, invested in the process of creating the calendar. The entire limited edition is distributed among the partners and the calendars are then given away. Therefore, during these years, the press has already compared the "Veiters" calendar with the Latvian version of the famous Pirelli calendar.


In previous years, the authors of the calendar paintings have been Kristīne Luīze Avotiņa, Zane Lūse, Līga Ķempe, Ilze Rēvalde, Alise Mediņa, Ilvita Didrihsone, Ilze Preisa, Agate Apkalne.

Every year more and more people learn about this unique art project and more and more people want to own it. But this is possible only by supporting the project. So this year, "Veiters Eco Pack" - whose created kraft gift bags are printed with calendar paintings, VEF culture palace, Burgo group, Art Fairs Service, Printpack Service, Deel Ocean Salvage, Ad Verbum, Alvass, Polymark,, have also joined the project this year. Fazenda bazaar, mom's cake, Flower postman, Ergos and Abava winery.

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